Ultimate Fitness Cookbook

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Since 2010, you've seen Michael Kory on YouTube bringing you high-quality, mouth-watering, macro-friendly recipes.  Now, he brings the videos straight to your kitchen with one of the largest fitness cookbooks available.  You'll find over 200 of the best macro-friendly recipes in this cookbook!

Years ago, Michael was tired of the boring "chicken breast with rice and veggies" meal most fitness aficionados seem to find themselves eating so often, so he set out to make creative and innovative macro-friendly recipes that can fit into anyone's lifestyle.

You'll find the recipes in the book separated by section:

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch & Dinner
  • Sides & Snacks
  • Desserts & Baked Goods
  • Protein Shakes

Recipes range from cookies and cream protein pancakes to crispy honey mustard pretzel chicken to sprinkled protein donuts.  Included with each recipe is nutritional information valuable to anyone wishing to gain muscle and lose fat while pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  Recipes have both imperial and metric systems so anyone can utilize them!


Before writing this second cookbook, Michael wanted to create a book with value and that's just what he did.  Included as an intro to the book is an in depth section how to figure out your own macros for muscle gain, weight loss, or maintenance.

Kory got tired of seeing people being taken advantage of with things like "$75 macro set-up consultations" for people looking for their macros as he knew it didn't take longer than 5 minutes to calculate it, so not only did he include it in the book with the +200 recipes, it is also a fraction of the cost of what most online coaches would charge.

If you're looking to lean bulk, cut fat, or maintain your weight, the section at the start will guide you to set up your own macronutrients, break it down and make it easy to understand.  Kory knew from experience that it is very easy to over complicate this crucial part of a fitness journey, so that's why it was so important to add into the book.

What's the difference?

Some have asked how this second iteration of the cookbook differs from the first that came out in 2013.  The answer is that it differs in nearly every way!  The first cookbook was simply an e-book, this second one is the real deal and is an actual book shipped to your doorstep!  More than five years went by before Kory felt comfortable offering a second cookbook as he wanted to take time to create new recipes, add variety, create ones that were easier to follow, and remove old recipes that weren't up to par with the rest.

The second cookbook has been redone from cover to cover with the interior redesigned, new recipes, as well as a section at the start on how to figure out your macros.  Even recipes that were in the original book have been improved!

Michael Kory's Ultimate Fitness Cookbook makes a great gift for anyone new to macros and healthy eating or those who have been doing it for years.